About Us

About Us

Just plan Solution, with over a decade year of experience in the property industry to offer a professional and totally comprehensive property service to those clients who appreciate the benefits of dealing with one reliable point of contact through all facets of property transactions.  It all adds up to a truly comprehensive real estate service. We believe in strict code of ethics.

All these reasons sum up to help Just plan Solution occupy the position of best real estate consultancy in India. We work with our full of efforts to take the real estate sector to heights of success through helping people (investors and individual institutions) to invest money in real estate. For making others dream of owning a property of their liking come true as Just plan Solution has been providing professional innovative solution to tackle all kinds of issues.

We always help customers to get the best deals in market and make investments within their capability. This quality of fitting everyone’s needs is what makes us different and possible is the reason which helped us to do a massive number of real estate deals till date. We deal with residential, commercial, industrial and other types of property. We have mastered all the techniques of buying and selling properties and therefore are the best people to judge a property with its various aspects and advise the best price along with other attributes.

Just Plan Solution has been doing the same for so many years helping customers to get transparent deals as per their convenience and requirement. At Just plan Solution we love talking about real estate and connecting with people from all walks of life.  We would invite anyone to drop in, speak to our team and see what we are all about!


Our aim is to provide CA2T(Concept Analysed at Technologies) system enable property transaction to optimize the discovery of what’s important in unstructured Online Property Presence. It’s designed for rapid knowledge and information sharing of property details with easy and convenient methodology.


Imparting small information online enables knowledge among customer’s with primary objective to acheive: understanding relevant information and turning that information into action.